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    Have you ever seen someone rocking what appears to be a Cleveland crossbones logo? If you loved the style, you’ve come to the right place.

    This logo brings with it some history and creativity that you’re sure to appreciate. Read on to discover the history of our logo and shop some pretty cool Cleveland logo shirts in the process!

    The History of Our Cleveland Logo T-Shirts

    Most brands come with a story, and the image seen on our Cleveland logo T-shirts is no exception. Though at first glance our logo might appear to depict a skull and crossbones, we’ve actually given that classic iconography a little tweak! Instead of a skull we use a guitar pic with the Cleveland skyline embedded within it to represent our city’s status as the birthplace of rock ‘n roll. 

    The crossbones are just what you think they are, though, and they represent the toughness and grit of Clevelanders, with the “C-L-E” abbreviation showcasing our hometown pride. Our Cleveland logo T-shirts were developed back in 2008, and they’ve gone on to be a fan favorite for over a decade. Rock on and represent your love for the 216 with our Cleveland logo sweatshirts, shirts and gifts!

    Our Cleveland Logo Shirts and Apparel

    Beyond our Cleveland logo shirts, you can find our popular logo on a variety of fun items. From sweatshirts to shot glasses and so much more, we have everything Cleveland related so that you can show your spirit! 

    Shop the collection today:

    • Cleveland logo sweatshirts in styles like hoodies and zip-ups
    • Drinkware, including pop can glasses, shot glasses, and mugs
    • Cleveland logo T-shirts in colors from plain gray to tie-dyed pastels
    • Flags, pendants, Cleveland Christmas ornaments, and buttons
    • Hats in styles like dad hats, trucker hats, snapback hats, and even winter hats
    • Décor items like stickers and car magnets

    Last but not least, we have a wide variety of youth styles that let kids get in on the fun and share their love for the 216 as well. After all, we love spreading Cleveland pride one T-shirt at a time!

    Start Shopping for CLE Logo Sweatshirts and More Today!

    Our shop is full of fun designs that allow you to show off your style and passion for your favorite city.

    Be sure to shop Cleveland logo sweatshirts, T-shirts, and more on our website today, and reach out to us for any assistance!