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The Orange and Brown Collection: Cleveland Football T-Shirts and More

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    Cleveland Football Shirts and More

    Whether you choose to spend your football Sundays tailgating in the Muni Lot, celebrating at home with your friends and family, or hanging out at a local sports bar, be sure to show up wearing your favorite Cleveland football shirt or carrying a mug to show off your team spirit.

    Facts About Our Beloved Browns Football Team

    No matter if you are a local who was born in the area, you’re just visiting the 216, or you’ve moved and made Cleveland your new home, you probably know that the city’s dedication to the Browns is unmatched.

    To get you in the spirit of football season, here are some fun facts about the Browns football franchise:

    • Their introduction to the AAFC was back in 1946
    • The Browns have won four NFL championships, and one day, they'll get that Super Bowl
    • Cliff Lewis was the first Browns player to throw a touchdown pass, with the receiver being Mac Speedie
    • The Browns are only one of two NFL franchises to ever go winless on a schedule of at least 16 games (but that doesn’t stop us from supporting them - and we did still get a pretty cool parade out of it)
    • Brownie the Elf is our mascot, but sources cannot confirm who came up with him or his likeness
    • Chomps and Swagger Jr. also help cheer the Browns on at each game

    Now that you’ve hopefully learned something new about this team that makes Cleveland so fun in the fall, you can show off your Browns pride with Cleveland football sweatshirts and T-shirts.

    Our Collection of Cleveland Football Apparel

    At Cleveland Clothing Co., we have you covered with Cleveland football apparel through all of the seasons. When it’s warm, you can sport one of our Cleveland football T-shirts. And when the temperatures start to drop and the leaves start to fall, you can pick up one of our Cleveland football sweatshirts that will keep you warm while cheering on your favorite team.

    Our Cleveland football apparel and merchandise includes:

    • Cleveland football T-shirts for adults, kiddos, and even the newest football fans out there
    • Cleveland football flannel shirts
    • Mugs and pop can glasses
    • Cleveland football sweatshirts
    • Buttons, stickers, and signs
    • Socks
    • Beanies and snapbacks
    • Can coolers, pint glasses, and drinking cups

    As you can see, we have Cleveland football shirts and more for the whole family. Be sure to get everyone ready for Sunday gamedays and (hopefully) some Victory Mondays!