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    History of the Cleveland Script Sign

    The Cleveland Script Sign is a well-known attraction for the residents of Cleveland, and a picture-perfect spot for visitors! The first Cleveland Script Sign was created by Destination Cleveland in 2016, and additional signs can now be found at six locations across the city. Often featured in social media posts and highlighted in the city’s outdoor gatherings, each location was chosen to highlight different aspects across the beautiful city of Cleveland.

    From their positions at natural landscapes, beach spots, and skyline views along Lake Erie, the Cleveland Script Signs stand as symbols of the diverse attractions that Cleveland has to offer. If you’re a Cleveland resident, you’ve likely seen them before or noticed them being featured on social media, but have you visited all the Cleveland Script Signs in person? Use our guide to help yourself easily locate these iconic attractions! 

    Guide to Finding Cleveland Script Signs Throughout the City

    1. North Coast Harbor

    Located across from the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this sign sits on the edge of Lake Erie’s waters with a gorgeous view of the city.

    1001 East 9th Street
    Cleveland, OH 44113

    2. Edgewater Park

    Situated at the far western end of Edgewater Park in a popular hangout area, this sign is surrounded by the natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere of Cleveland.

    Cleveland Memorial Shoreway
    Cleveland, OH 44102

    3. Euclid Beach Park

    Located at Euclid Beach Park, this sign offers a distant skyline view from its lakeside setting. 

    16301 Lakeshore Blvd.
    Cleveland, OH 44110

    4. The Foundry

    Located in the Flats West Bank near the rowing and sailing center along the Cuyahoga River, this sign captures the dynamic spirit of Cleveland’s waterfront activities. 

    1831 Columbus Rd.
    Cleveland, OH 44113

    5. Tremont’s Abbey Avenue

    Located near Tremont, the Abbey Overlook sign has a great view of the skyline and is popular for sunset and night shots!

    1430 Abbey Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44113

    6. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    Situated inside of Cleveland’s airport, this sign displays the words “greetings from” above the Cleveland script, making it hard to miss. Haven’t seen it yet? Be sure to check this one out the next time you take flight! 

    5300 Riverside Dr.
    Cleveland, OH 44135

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