The Best Things to Do in Cleveland During the Summer

best things to do in Cleveland during the summer

Summer in Cleveland, Ohio is the best season to explore and make the most of what the city and Northeast Ohio region has to offer. There are countless possible activities in the area during a sunny day, but here are just a few of our favorite things to do in Cleveland in the summer to get you started!

Catch a Guardians Game

One of the best things you can do in Cleveland during the summer is go to a Guardians game and take in America’s pastime. The Guardians work hard to make Progressive Field a great place to hang out, including the new renovations that showcase why we are lucky to have one of the very best stadiums in baseball.

And with tons of giveaways and special promotions throughout the summer (like those glorious dollar dog nights), there's a little something for everyone at Progressive Field.

Visit a Cleveland Beach

One obvious choice for a hot summer day is to spend it chilling on the beach. Clevelanders are lucky to have so many different Lake Erie beaches to choose from, with each one offering something a little bit different. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Edgewater Beach
  • Huntington Beach
  • Euclid Beach
  • Perkins Beach
  • Mentor Headlands 

Enjoy a Concert at Blossom Music Center

Blossom Music Center is a great venue that regularly features some of the best artists from every genre you can think of - including incredible shows from the Cleveland Orchestra. Clevelanders have long made Blossom a summer hot spot (dating all the way back to 1968),  so be sure to check their lineup to get in on the fun.

Stroll Through One of Cleveland’s Metroparks

Walking through a Cleveland Metropark is the best way to relax and enjoy the splendor of nature. Here are some of the best ones to visit if you’re looking to take a walk or hike for the day:

  • Acacia Reservation
  • Big Creek Reservation
  • Euclid Creek Reservation
  • Lakefront Reservation
  • Rocky River Reservation
  • South Chagrin Reservation

Go to the Drive-In

The drive-in is a fun place to sit back and watch a new or classic movie. You can check out the Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive-In Theatre or the Mayfield Road Drive-In Theatre to see what’s coming up. The Aut-O-Rama does a slate of retro Tuesdays with many popular favorites, so that might be a great place to start!

Say Hi to the Animals at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

If you’re an animal lover, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is the place to be. The zoo has a wide range of animals, and you can learn about your favorites while seeing them up close. The zoo also works to protect wildlife around the world and address urgent issues that are threatening the survival of certain species. Plan a trip with friends or family this summer for a great experience!

Find an Ice Cream Shop

Cleveland has plenty of ice cream shops that you won’t be able to get enough of. Indulge in some of the most delicious flavors at:

  • Mitchell’s Ice Cream
  • Honey Hut Ice Cream
  • Mason’s Creamery
  • Classic Ice Cream Shop
  • Daisy’s
  • Lake Erie Scoops
  • Remixx Ice Cream + Cereal Bar
  • Coney Island Kustard
  • And so much more!

Stop by Little Italy’s Feast of Assumption

If you love authentic Italian food, the Feast of the Assumption is perfect for you, as it is a four-day street festival that offers delicious foods from local restaurants in Cleveland’s famed Little Italy. Not only will you appreciate the food, but the charming shops in the area are ideal for finding some great gifts, and you’ll love the historic architecture the neighborhood boasts!

Ride on a Floating Tiki Bar

This fun boating experience will take you out on the water and show you amazing views of the city. For two hours, you’ll get to cruise around and party with friends – what could be better?

Visit All of the Cleveland Signs

Scattered throughout Cleveland are six Cleveland script signs you must visit if you’re in the area. The first sign, fittingly enough, can be found at the airport, with the rest sitting in locations where you can get a great view of the whole city, and are close to other major Cleveland destinations.

Celebrate Pride Month

Cleveland is a perfect destination for celebrating Pride Month, featuring events such as Pride in the Park, Pride Night, Pride Bar Crawl, and more!

Eat at a Restaurant with Patio Seating

During the summer, Cleveland’s restaurants open up their patio seating so you can enjoy the sun while indulging in some delicious food. Restaurants that have patio seating open during the summer include:

  • 17 River Grille
  • BrewDog
  • The Fairmount
  • The Garden of Eden
  • Georgetown/Vosh
  • Lakewood Truck Park
  • Lindey’s Lakehouse
  • Whiskey Island Still & Eatery

Kayak on the Cuyahoga River

If you’re looking for some fun on the water, consider kayaking down the Cuyahoga River. You can rent a single or double kayak and spend an hour exploring the river, giving yourself a truly memorable summer experience!

Cheer on the Browns During a Preseason Game

At the start of August, the Browns preseason games begin, and Cleveland’s fanbase is ready to bring on the energy. Be a part of the fun by going to a Browns tailgate or watching from your favorite bar.

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