Now Is the Time to Spice Up Your Collection of Cleveland Browns Shirts and Apparel

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It’s almost the time of year when the whole city of Cleveland bleeds brown and orange, with fans itching to celebrate our iconic team, the Cleveland Browns. Whether you take part in tailgates at the Muny Lot, go to family parties with the game showing on TV, or cheer on the Browns within the stadium, you know that everyone you see will be dressed in their best Cleveland Browns apparel. So, now is your time to stock up.

Show your love for the 216 and get your hands on some Cleveland football gear from CLE Clothing Co. today!

Sport Cleveland Browns Apparel in Any Season

As you know, Cleveland weather is never predictable. At the beginning of the football season, you will likely be sporting Cleveland Browns T-shirts. But by the end, you will probably be holding a cup of hot cocoa with gloves while wrapped in any Cleveland Browns merchandise that will keep you warm enough to brave the elements. 

Lucky for you, our line of Cleveland football apparel contains everything from T-shirts to snuggly hats and hoodies. For bonus points, we even carry tailgating materials like plastic cups and spirit items like signs. Basically, we are your one-stop shop for all things Cleveland!

Pieces of History to Inspire Your 2023 Cleveland Browns Gear Choices

To get you excited for the 2023 football season, we collected a bit of history on the Browns. These facts might even impress your friends and fellow fans!

The Brownie

Before the team had an actual mascot, fans called the Browns “Paul Brown’s Team,” named in honor of the original coach. The “brown” part resonated with fans due to their love of the coach, which ultimately resulted in the creation of a fitting mascot.

Soon, the gears on the creative team turned, leading them to Scottish folklore. This is where they discovered that brownies are spirits that come out at night to help with household chores, and these mythical creatures became the inspiration behind the team mascot. The Cleveland Brownie is still featured on Cleveland Browns shirts and apparel, but it is probably more common to see Chomps or Swagger.

Cleveland Colors

Cleveland football colors were officially listed as burnt orange, seal brown, and white. They were adopted from Bowling Green State University, which is where the team held training camps between 1946 and 1951. As of 2014, the team changed from burnt orange to classic orange, which is still the color that catches the eyes of fans on any kind of Cleveland Browns merchandise.

2023 Uniform Trends

As your go-to clothing company, we feel we have to discuss what the 2023 uniforms are going to look like. From our research, we found that the Browns will sport white alternative helmets with throwback jerseys that were worn in 2021 for three games. This overall look was originally introduced back in 1946 and will be the first time the Browns sport a non-orange helmet in over seven decades. The white helmet symbolizes the team’s past, and we are hoping it is a good luck charm for the 2023 season!

While we still love the iconic orange, be sure to keep white in mind when you are searching for 2023 Cleveland Browns gear! 

Start Shopping for Cleveland Football Gear Today!

Whether it’s a home or away game, football Sundays should be filled with family, friends, and your favorite Cleveland Browns merchandise. 

At CLE Clothing Co., we prepared for the 2023 season by creating a line of Cleveland football apparel that is unique and fun. Be sure to start shopping for shirts, hoodies, glasses, and more on our site today!

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