Made in the 216

Posted on July 08 2009

Sooooo....We know that Made in the 216 was a few weeks ago, but we feel we can still talk about it and give a recap....right?

The event started at 4pm and we showed up around 7:30...and our new Tee The CLE Collage was sold out...and while we were there two others sold out! It was even cool to see 2 dudes sporting the "C.L.E. - Create,Love, Embrace" V-necks they just purchased, I guess they just needed to put it on!!

Needless to say we had a great showing and would like to thank all the Clevelander's who supported us as well as all the other local artists. I bought a tote from Small Screens and Jeff bought some jewelry.

Here are some shots of our Tees from the event, compliments of Kyle Roth and Room Service.

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